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Real Estate Investor Services Introduction

For years Banyan Naples has been helping Real Estate Investors make informed decisions in order to reach their investment goals. We have developed a 4 Phase approach to making money for our clients in the rental income market:

  1. Purchase

  2. Prep

  3. Promotion

  4. Property Management

These 4 key objectives are required to acquire and maintain a profitable investment in real estate

Phase 1 - Purchase

Our process starts with an investor consultation to determine what their goals are in investing and how to best achieve them in the local market. We then get to work on finding the properties that fall within the investor’s criteria. We send our client daily customized MLS reports so they can view the property the day it comes available on the market. Once an investor sees a few properties that he likes we create a custom pro forma financial statement in order to project the likely returns for the property. If the investor makes the decision to buy, we then start the negotiation process to get the best deal possible for our client. After the deal closes we start the prep phase.

Phase 2 - Prep

The prep phase is used to prepare the property for income producing activities. We use our long standing relationships with trusted local companies to make any needed repairs, cleaning, landscaping, and design of the unit. Depending on the type of investment and/or property this phase can range from simple to complex. Once the property is prepared for market we move to the promotion phase.

Phase 3 - Promotion

The promotion phase is crucial for making the investment profitable. During the promotion phase we utilize traditional means of promotion along with innovative strategies to create a unique plan aimed at creating the desired result. When it comes to rentals we are unmatched in our ability to secure rental lease contracts. We have maintained high rental occupancy rates for the past 10 years running (we make money by making you money). Once we get the property rented we advance to phase 4 – property management.

Phase 4 – Property Management

The management phase is the most important stage to maintain profitability. Our property management services set us apart from other real estate companies in the area.  While other companies rent properties and leave the management to someone else, Banyan Naples provides hands on property management services for the duration of the lease.

If you are interested in learning more about our Real Estate Investor Services. Please Contact us today for your free consultation regarding your goals in real estate investing.


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